Year 6 - Mrs Tong/Mrs Cole

River Dart Updates
24/05/19 15.12 - Coach is at Thame - 20 minutes approx
24/05/19 15.00 - ETA closer to 15.30pm due to traffic
24/05/19 14.15 - ETA between 3pm and 3.15pm.  Parents can park on the rear playground from 2.45pm
24/05/19 9.50 - It's hard to believe it's already Friday and we are heading home!  We were so busy having fun yesterday we only send the photos to the school office in the evening, so photos from yesterday are now loaded on the photo album for you to have a look at.  All being well we anticipate arriving back to school at 3pm, please keep an eye out for any change to our ETA on this page.
22/05/19 15.55 - another good night's sleep and another glorious day - the children have been enjoying crate stacking, zip wiring and canoeing.  We are seeing so many smiles and it's great to watch the children challenge themselves.  More photos have been added to the album below.
22/05/19 8.20am - More photos added from Monday and Tuesday
21/05/19 15.25 - Today's activities were raft building and high ropes.  Children ate a hearty lunch and have enjoyed the outdoors all day - they will certainly sleep well tonight! both the children and the staff are in fine spirits.  More photos have been added to the album below.
21/05/19 11.15am - a couple more photos added - the children are all wearing sun cream as the weather today is glorious!
21/05/19 8.30am - new photos added to the website from day 1 activities
21/05/19 8.20am - we've all had a lovely sleep, a cooked breakfast and a room inspection, spirits are high, the sky is blue - we are looking forward to a fun filled day.
20/05/19 - 15.45 - first photos added to album below
20/05/19 - They arrived safely at about 1pm, they have had their lunch and they were on their way to their first activity.