Year 4 - Mrs Curtis/Mrs Moore

Frontier Updates
05/06/19 1.30pm - Year 4 are on their way back and are expected back at school around 14.30pm.  Parents can park on the playground from 14.30pm and can collect their child from the front of the school playground.  Please note that siblings will not be released early.
04/06/19 13.30pm - All going well. So far we’ve been canoeing, with some showing great potential.  Walk the plank and Above & Beyond showed how well the children could help one another and work as a team. Some very funny moments when they fell off the plank into the swamp. We now have a lovely smell wafting through the accommodation. All the children settled quickly to bed last night. Hopefully we’ll have another good night tonight.  We’re having a bit of free time before trying the egg challenge.  Details to follow. 
We’ll update you again tomorrow about how the egg challenge goes and the camp fire tonight.  Weather has just got a bit drizzly but it’s not dampening their spirits. 
04/06/19 11.30am - canoeing photos added to the album below.
04/06/19 8am - the children have had a good first night and are looking forward to canoeing after breakfast today.  The WIFI isn't very good but Mrs Curtis hopes to get some photos sent over to school today so that we can share them here.
03/06/19 13.00 - Children have arrived safely and are enjoying their lunch.