Travel to School

We are very proud to hold the Modeshift Stars Gold School Travel award and pride ourselves on our continuous promotion of safe and healthy travel.


Stoke Mandeville promotes the Better Ways to School Campaign. We have 'Bike It' events and 'Walk to School' weeks. We encourage families to adopt sustainable methods of travel to school. This could include walking, cycling, scooting, car sharing or using public transport.


We have four children in our Year 6 who work as 'Junior Road Safety Officers' (JRSO's).  Their job is to attend the Travel Conference and come up with great ideas about how we can improve the safety and healthiness of the way that everyone travels to school.



During a child's time at Stoke Mandeville Combined School they will be given lots of opportunities to receive cycle training:

  • Years R and 1 receive Bikeability Balance training
  • Years 3 & 4 receive Bikeability Level 1 training
  • Year 5 receive Bikeability Level 2 training
  • Year 6 receive Transition (Travel to secondary school) training

We know that for some families, walking or cycling is not an option because of distance or safety considerations. You may consider that the heavy traffic on the route your child takes presents an unacceptable risk.  You may feel that your child lacks the skill and experience to cycle.  These are all reasons for us providing the training to equip your child with this important life skill.


Bike racks are provided on site so that bikes can be left during the day. While we cannot take responsibility for bikes and helmets left on the premises, the racks are behind gates that are secured and locked during the school day. Bikes can also be locked to the rack if desired.


Road Safety

We are very lucky to have trained volunteers who support the Year 2 children with 'Footsteps' Training.  Footsteps” is a road safety pedestrian training scheme organised by the local council for implementation within primary schools.  Its aim is to make children aware of their local surroundings and teach them to be able to cross the road safely under adult supervision.  This involves small groups of children being taken out of class during the school day. 


We also have a wonderful Lollipop Lady who helps our children to cross the road at the beginning and end of the day.


Parents are not permitted to park their cars on the school premises. The lay-by directly in front of the school is used for this purpose. We ask all parents to park with consideration so that emergency vehicles and taxis for our Hearing Impaired pupils can have access.


Parents may choose to park on roads near to the school. We ask you to be considerate to our neighbours and not obstruct their drives. We have an arrangement with the Bull and the Bell public houses to use their parking facilities at the start of the school day and The Bell at the end of the school day so that parents and children can 'Park and Stride' to school. We would ask you to be respectful of their facilities if you use them.


There may be occasions when parents can park on the school playground, usually when dropping off for residential visits. You will be informed when this is permitted.


Below you will find a link to our Travel Plan newsletter for 2016/17, this contains all of the amazing things that we have been doing to promote healthy and safe travel.