Sport & Swimming

Sport is a very important part of life at Stoke Mandeville. We believe that it encourages self-discipline and dedication, and helps children to view exercise and sport as part of a happy healthy lifestyle.


Physical Education (PE) is taught as part of the National Curriculum. Children take part in two one-hour PE lessons a week.  Children who forget their kit may have to go to another class for the duration of the PE lesson. We have a yearly sports day in the summer, where parents are invited to watch their child take part.

If your child is not able to take part in a PE lesson because of injury or illness, you need to inform us in writing.

Pupils are offered a variety of extra-curricular sports activities during the year such as:

Netball, Football, Tag Rugby, Athletics, Cross Country Running, Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance,  Judo, Martial Arts, Archery, Fencing and Multi-skills.



Swimming lessons take place at Mandeville Stadium. The lessons are taught by trained instructors from the centre. The children travel to the stadium by bus. The lessons currently take place for children in Years 3 and 4.

Your child will bring home a letter when it is their turn to swim. They will need a towel, a swimming hat and a swimming costume (girls to wear a one piece costume and boys to wear trunks not shorts). A seperate letter regarding the use of goggles will be sent at the time.