Reading is taught through systematic phonics in KS1.
Phonics sessions are taught through the "Letters and Sounds" scheme.
Phonics sessions are taught daily for 20-30 minutes in Year 1 and in Year 2 to address any gaps in the children's understanding.
Sounds are learnt through a range of activities.
Sounds are revised regularly.
Children are tested regularly on sounds and teaching adapted accordingly to meet the needs of the children.
A Phonics Screening Check is carried out yearly in the Sprint Term.  This is a check that is carried out in all schools and is a government requirement.
Reading Scheme in KS1
Children in KS1 use a range of books in a combined levelled scheme.
The children work through the scheme through "book bands".  Once the children go through all of the bands, they go onto "white" level.  When the children get to white level, they are on "free readers" where they can choose a suitable book of their choice.
Reception have specific phonics books.
Reading is taught in English lessons and through independent and guided reading sessions.  Intervention groups are carried out when required.
All reading the children carried out in school is recorded in the children's individual reading records.
The children's reading records go home with them every night.  When parents/guardians hear the children read.
Reading is celebrated through reward systems and celebration assemblies.
The library is used as a "hub" for reading.  Activities take place in the library which include teacher led activities and cook club.