Home Learning

Message from Premier Sports

We’ve been busy recording Activity Professional lead home learning videos as part of our commitment to get children active at home.

Today we are launching our brand new YouTube channel where we’ll be releasing a new video each day at 3.30 pm. The idea is that this can act as an after school home learning activity and replace the exercise children would normally get during our extra-curricular clubs if they were at school. Sessions will focus on activities including dance, football, fitness, gymnastics, basketball, tennis and yoga and more.

Each Monday we’ll be releasing a timetable of what is coming up.



So far we have filmed five weeks worth of content, and sessions include “Personal Best’ challenges so they can be completed again and again as children keep trying to improve.


If the parents want to share videos/images of their children in action on our Instagram and Facebook pages we’ll also be able to see how they are getting on!