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School Governance


The Governing Board is the accountable Board for Stoke Mandeville Combined School responsible for setting the strategic vision, aims, objectives and targets; monitoring the budget and resources; and the conduct of the school. The Governing Board also appoints the Head Teacher.

School governors work together with the Head Teacher and the school’s Senior Leadership Team, acting as a ‘critical friend’ to raise standards in all areas of school life. They are often compared to non-executive directors responsible for oversight of a public company.

 Our Governing Board

There are currently ten Governors with full and equal voting rights and an additional Associate Governor with voting rights:

 Mr R Buttery - Chair of Governors

Mrs T McGinnity - Vice Chair of Governors and Chair of Teaching and Learning Co-Opted Governor

Mr R Edwards - Chair of Resources Committee

Mrs V Brigden - Local Authority Governor

Mr J Penlington - Co-opted Governor

Mr P Wheeler - Parent Governor

Mrs J Wales - Associate Governor

Mrs G Tong - Staff Governor

Mrs E Stewart as Headteacher is also a member of the Governing Body.


Term of office for a School Governor is four years, with no limit on the number of terms a school governor can serve. All Governors at the school are subject to regular Government DBS checks. 


Clerk to the Governing Board is Mrs C Green.  

Previous Governing Board members (with resignation date):


Mrs J Brown (August 2020)

Mr S Pluckwell (August 2020)

Mr M Rogers (June 2019)

Mr M Thomas (2018)

Mrs J Wales (2018)

Mrs S Greenhalgh (2017)

Mrs T Sinacore (2017)

Mr A Roff (2017)

Mr S Day (2017)

Mr I Wallace (2016)

Mr D Gearing (2016)

Mrs V Walker (2014)

Mr G Houalla (2014)

Mr M Arrowsmith (2014)

Mr D Ramsay (2014)

Mr D Bennett (2014)

Mrs L Steele  (2014)

Mr P Foy (2014)





Governing Board structure

Full Governing Board meets at least once per term and deals with all formal regulatory business. There are two Committees that report to the Full Governing Board:

  • Resources Committee – meeting once or twice each term

  • Teaching and Learning Committee – meeting once or twice each term

    Other sub-committees (Personnel, Pay Review, Premises and Health & Safety) meet as required and report back to the Full Governing Board via the relevant Committee.

    Please note:


  • Meeting minutes are a matter of public record and copies can be viewed at the school office

  • A register of Governors’ pecuniary interests is kept which be viewed at the school office

  • Key statutory procedural documents for Stoke Mandeville Combined School are below


 Financial and Business Interests

Governors are required to make an annual declaration of any financial or business interests which may conflict with their role as School Governor. There are currently no such interests declared by any of our Governors.

Governing Board Statutory Procedural Documents (attached)

  • Instrument of Governance

  • Governing Board Standing Orders

  • Governing Board Code of Conduct

  • Governing Board Committees - Terms of Reference