Stoke Mandeville Combined School is a village school for children aged 4-11.  The school also includes a department for children aged 4-11 with a hearing impairment. More information can be found under the HI-ARP section on website.

The school admission number is 30.  Presently, there are 207 pupils on role.

Children can start school at the beginning of the academic year during which they turn 5.  All admission arrangements are managed through Buckinghamshire County Council.  Their website can be accessed from the link below.

Parents wishing to send their child to Stoke Mandeville Combined School are welcome to attend one of the open events held in the October preceding their start date.  This gives the opportunity to meet the Headteacher and join a tour around the school .  Individual tours can be arranged if the above dates are not appropriate.

Starting School

Starting school or changing schools is a very big step for children and their families and we wish to do all we can to smooth the way for you at this time.  In the term before a child starts school here, he or she is invited to meet their teachers and spend some time in the classroom.

Parents are invited to attend a meeting with the Headteacher and Reception Class Teacher to talk about school routines and respond to any queries or questions they may have.

School Handbook

The school produces a Parents’ Handbook, copies of which can be obtained from the School Office. It outlines in detail all you need to know about the daily life and policies of the school.

You will find a copy of the handbook and the School Prospectus in the 'Our School' section of this website.