SMCS Sports News

16th October 2017

SMCS vs Halton 12/10/17
As we stood in our positions, our legs were shaking in excitement.  The shrill tone of the whistle echoed around the pitch as the match had begun.  The first 5 minutes saw frenetic play.  Unfortunately we found ourselves 1-0 down.  Being 1-0 down focussed our minds as we started to play more as a team.  The result of which saw us starting to out the goals in.  At half time we were 3-1 up, as a result of great team spirit and teamwork.  We started the second half positively as we put in another four goals.  The score ended 7-1 to us and everyone had a great afternoon.  Now we are looking forward to our next match.
Freddie Year 5